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The Right Wing Killers.

Recently in a debate on CNN, Ron Paul the libertarian was asked by the moderator, Wolf Blitzer, if a dying man with no health insurance was just expected to die, rather than receive free medical care. While Ron Paul shied away from saying that the hypothetical man should die, several voices erupted from the crowd yelling “YES!”.

This is very typical of the climate of the right wing political climate in the U.S. While before they had made a show of caring about the poor and working classes, any false  semblance of human compassion is now long gone. The irony here is that they use fake compassion when trying to convince people that abortion should be illegal. After all, they “care” about the value of a human life. Yet that value seems to disappear in many instances. Take immigration for example.  In February of 2011, a 9 year old girl and her father were shot dead by anti-immigration vigilantes. The “Minute men” who stand along the border with guns, ready to shoot innocent people for simply trying to seek a better life. Those same “minute men” are most likely unaware of the reason why so many Mexicans risk life and limb to make it into the U.S. (The answer lies in something called NAFTA.)

I am not surprised by anything anymore. The right wing in the U.S. has launched a hard charging attack on every progressive movement they can, from LGBT rights, to reproductive rights, to welfare programs that feed the hungry. They do nothing but chant their mantra of small government, even though what they do is certainly not small in scope. They want complete and utter economic and cultural domination of the U.S. , they are scared of the growing minority population, and the increasingly angry working classes. And they don’t have a problem with killing to advance their interests. Just ask Iraq.


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2 thoughts on “The Right Wing Killers.

  1. I remember the days of protest back in the 60’s, yes I am an old fart, if one of us “Commies” had shown up with a gun we would still be in prison, but when it is some right wing asshole it is just a right……sickening!

  2. True. They can kill all they want, but godforbid the little people start fighting back. They always seem to be surprised that I’m not anti-gun or a pacifist either lol

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